Sep. 27th, 2010

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Hi, [community profile] house_md fans!

The comm has recently undergone a change in modship. I will now be your go-to person if you have any trouble or difficulties. A few things to note:

  • I have just instituted a tagging system. When posting, it would be helpful to other people when they're looking for things if you used the appropriate tags. Take a look at the sidebar on the left to see what's available. There are tags for cast members, crew members, and guest stars, as well as for various discussion topis. If I've missed your favourite actor, crew member, or topic, please let me know!

  • Please familiarize yourselves with the rules, which are posted in the comm info. Since we're in a new season, please pay particular attention to the comm's spoiler policy, which is that spoilers are STILL SPOILERY for ONE WEEK following the North American airing of an episode.

  • Please be aware that comm members may enjoy all pairings, or none; all characters, or only a few; to spoil themselves silly, or to remain unspoiled; and so on. Please be respectful in your posting, using cuts, labels, and tags appropriately. NO BASHING WILL BE TOLERATED IN COMMENTS OR IN POSTS.

  • If you have any difficulties with a topic, a comm member, or a discussion thread, please PM [personal profile] zulu with details and links so that situations can be dealt with.

  • If you have any suggestions for ways to make the comm more active and inviting, please pass those along too. More posts, suggestions, members, and so on are always welcome!


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