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Hi, everyone. I regret to inform you that we've hit a small snag already. As of a day or two ago, apparently, Dreamwidth has decided to deny access to custom layers to free accounts, which makes it impossible to edit the layout of the community to make it look pretty and snazzy. The only options available to free accounts are the defaults, and allows for very little editing of those layouts.

That said, I (and I know others feel the same) was hoping to make the community look really nice, give it some kick, and make it somewhere that people would enjoy visiting. I had a banner that [personal profile] ticcy made for us and everything. But I can't edit the layout, or use that really lovely graphic now, which is where the call to all members comes in.

If anyone would be willing/able/oh-so-kind-and-sweet as to donate to the community to bump it to a paid account status, that would be really wonderful and generous. In return, I'd offer mod status if that person wanted it (of course, they wouldn't have to take it, but the offer is there). This would really help the community get off the ground and look great and be ready to go. So the gesture would really be appreciated. <3

Date: 2009-05-06 02:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ticcy
Whaaaaaaaat??? Why did they do that?????


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