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Name:A House M.D. Community
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A House M.D. Discussion Community
Welcome to [community profile] house_md on Dreamwidth. On livejournal, the original comm [ profile] house_md is only a click away. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is [personal profile] zulu. Feel free to ask questions, demand satisfaction, and provoke duels of honour.

This community is for discussions of everything and anything related to the television series House M.D. That includes cast, crew, spoilers, interviews, episodes, plot directions, promo images and video, and other projects.

Given that, here's a basic code of conduct, just like your momma taught you before letting you loose on the internet.

1. All longer posts should be cut for length.

2. You can post your fic at [community profile] housefic and/or the appropriate pairing comms such as [community profile] house_wilson, [community profile] house_cuddy, [community profile] house_stacy, and others.

3. A basic tag system is in place, including tags for cast, crew, discussion topics, and so on. If more tags are necessary (for instance, if I've missed your favourite topic), please let me know and it will be added.

4. All discussion posts should cut for spoilers.

5. All entries posted here are considered fair game for discussion from many different points of view. There is a possibility that people will disagree with you and argue their perspective. This is not the same as flaming. All opinions should be respected.

6. Any posts and comments which are offensive will be deleted. Repeated offenders will be banned. Please inform a mod via PM if you see an objectionable thread or if you are having difficulties with a comm member, and it will be dealt with.

7. Those failing in their regularly scheduled upkeep of "general politeness" and "common sense" shall be regarded with disdain.



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